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Welcome to
Tully Farms 

Since 1872, the Tully Family has been milking cows in Dunstable MA. Almost 150 years later, we have continued to raise holstein cows to produce high quality, fresh milk.  Six generations have worked (or are currently working) on the farm with help from many family and friends along the way. 

Tully Farms Dairy is excited to bring new local options to the people of Dunstable and the surrounding towns. Our milk, sold in glass bottles, is pasteurized using a process called vat pasteurization. Vat pasteurization uses a lower temperature for a longer period of time. This gives our milk a rich, creamy flavor with more nutrients than what you find at the grocery store. 

Visit our Farm Store, located next to Goss Farm, for a variety of high quality local products. Our farm fresh milk and other dairy products can be found along with seasonal, fresh produce, meat, and more. 

Remember having a milkman? We are excited to offer home delivery to the people in Dunstable and the surrounding communities. Check out the Home Delivery page for more information on having farm fresh products delivered right to your door! 

Farm Store Hours:

10 am to 8 pm daily

446 Pleasant St Dunstable MA

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