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Home Delivery 

Our refrigerated truck visits your neighborhood once a week delivering our farm fresh dairy products, as well as other favorites, right to your door.

Where We Deliver:









Parts of Ayer, Shirley and Townsend

Please send us your address and we can see if there is a route for you! 

More towns to be added

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you deliver?

Home deliveries occur on a weekly basis. Your milkman will come on the same day each week. 

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, there is a weekly $4.00 delivery charge and a four item minimum.

How do I place an order? Can I place a standing order? 

Orders can be placed on our website up until 10 pm on the night before your delivery. A standing order is a group of items you would like to receive each week. This order does not need to be placed weekly as it is kept on file. You are able to edit a standing order when needed. 

What if I do not need a delivery this week?

You may cancel unneeded deliveries in advance from your online account by using our cancellation icon.  There is also the option to place a short-term hold on deliveries if you are going on vacation. You may call in advance.  We appreciate at least 24 hour notice.

What if I am not home when the delivery comes?

If you will not be home, your driver will place your items in a porch box or a cooler. Be sure to arrange for the milk to be put in a refrigerator as soon as possible.

What is a porch box? Do I need one?

A porch box is an insulated metal box used to temporarily store your milk and other products until you can put them away. Porch boxes keep your delivery protected from the heat and cold. There is a $75 (including tax) charge for our galvanized porch boxes. You may provide your own cooler as well.

Do I need to return the caps?

No. Please throw the caps away. It is actually better to leave the bottles without a cap, and we cannot use them again. 

About our bottles...

Our milk is sold in glass bottles. There is a deposit on the bottles. Please rinse the bottles and place in your porch box for the milkman to pick up. We sterilize and refill the bottles to help the environment. The caps are not reusable; these can be thrown away or recycled.  

How long does the milk stay fresh?

When handled properly, our milk will stay fresh for 10-14 days. Please place your order into your refrigerator promptly after delivery to ensure freshness. 

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